2017 Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program

Interested in nonprofit organizations? Want hands-on experience in social science research? The Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact (NNSI) at Northwestern University is looking for a talented, smart, and passionate undergraduate student to join our team.

Job responsibilities:

Students will work on the NNSI Army Research office (ARO) funded project titled: Collective impact and common goals: Planned vs. emergent networks as tools for leveraging community outcomes.

The student admitted for the Research Apprenticeship Program will assist work with the NNSI ARO team for the following:

  • Data cleaning: to both code and structure the dataset at different levels.
  •  Conducting descriptive analysis: to use SPSS to run descriptive analysis to examine collaboration patterns, overall resource sufficiency, and perceived coalition effectiveness.
  • Writing reports: to translate our preliminary research findings in a white paper/reports for local communities that are participating in the research project.

Additionally, the student will participate in the weekly NNSI lab meeting to learn about other research project NNSI members are conducting. They will also read and discuss articles on nonprofit management.

Anticipated benefits and specific qualifications:

Hosted at NNSI, a research lab in the School of Communication at Northwestern University, the Research Apprenticeship Program aims to provide a rich learning environment for students interested in pursuing academic careers. The students will gain valuable experience working on an ARO funded project on education reform, learning technical skills on data cleaning and analysis, and learning about procedures of conducting scientific research.

Preferred undergraduate candidates will have taken a research method class. One letter of recommendation is required.​ ​Candidate with appropriate experience will be paid $10/hr and should anticipate working 8 hours per week. Find out more about NNSI.

Interested students should apply for this position at here.

Please direct questions to nnsi@northwestern.edu. Applications should be received no later than Sunday, March 12, 2017, at 11:59pm EST.