NNSI Profiles: Kevin Qiu (’20), Will Deschler (’21), and Cara Savin (’22)

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This fall, NNSI is excited to welcome back three returning research assistants for the 2019-20 school year: Kevin Qiu (‘20), Will Deschler (‘21), and Cara Savin (‘22).    Hailing from Bellevue, WA, Kevin Qiu is a senior majoring in computer science. He first heard about NNSI through a friend and followed up on the research assistant opening as he was interested in learning more about the intersection of nonprofits and … Read more

Kate Cooper and Michelle Shumate Present at Ready by 21

In April 2018, Michelle Shumate and Katherine Cooper presented a workshop at the Ready by 21 Conference. The topic was using data in coalitions: moving from reporting to learning. Ready by 21: Using Data in Coalitions from Michelle Shumate   And a checklist for developing a shared data system in coalitions, including collective impact coalitions is available here.