With all of the government, nonprofit, and business efforts to address issues like environmental degradation, the spread of global infectious disease, or improving educational outcomes for opportunity youth, why don’t we see real, sustainable progress? Do we spend too little money on these problems? Do we lack the essential knowledge to solve them? Or, perhaps, are the solutions available here and now, but we need to transform the ways that organizations work together, share knowledge, and implement evidence-based solutions?

These are the essential questions we seek to address in our blog posts. We are the Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact at Northwestern University, a research lab dedicated to understanding how organizations can work together to move the needle on social issues. We conduct large-scale research that has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Army Research Office into these questions. We work with hundreds of nonprofits and social impact organizations every year, and we want to bring that experience and knowledge to bear on these and other questions.

We hope that our blogs will find its way into executive directors’ offices, nonprofit board rooms, policy makers’ staff briefings, and student clubs as they work towards social change. Maybe we already have most of the knowledge and solutions we need to address the biggest social problems of our day. Perhaps, we just need to scale up these solutions across networks of nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses.

Check out our social impact blog and rewire & revolutionize blog below!

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Social Impact Blog

Welcome to the Social Impact Blog! In this blog, we’ll bridge the gap between what research teaches us about these questions, and what we see every day in our work with nonprofit organizations. Our posts will include: Easy-to-read summaries of nonprofit research. We will translate NNSI research and other related research on nonprofit organizations into … Continue reading Social Impact Blog

R&R Blog

Welcome to the Rewire & Revolutionize Blog! In this blog, we’ll offer our insight on the most recent happening relating to nonprofits for those interested in pursuing a career within the nonprofit industry. Our posts will include: Profiles of individuals in nonprofits. This profile series will consist of interviews with students, professors, current and graduated … Continue reading R&R Blog

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