R&R Blog

Welcome to the Rewire & Revolutionize Blog!

In this blog, we’ll offer our insight on the most recent happening relating to nonprofits for those interested in pursuing a career within the nonprofit industry. Our posts will include:

  1. Profiles of individuals in nonprofits. This profile series will consist of interviews with students, professors, current and graduated NNSI researchers, professionals in the industry, and more from the Northwestern community and beyond. We hope that this will provide a unique perspective about the different experiences out there, as well as what’s on people’s minds when it comes to social impact.
  2. The need-to-know from the industry. News updates about emerging trends and challenges facing nonprofits, including job and internship opportunities as well as other useful information as it comes along. We’ll also share what books and articles we’re reading at work that you may find interesting.

And more! Scroll down to see our posts, and check back often for updated content.