The Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact (NNSI) at Northwestern University is looking for a talented, smart, and passionate undergraduate or graduate student to join our team. In particular, the researcher will help us conduct data mining and data cleaning from an online community and possibly a list of organizational websites. To that end, we are seeking:

  • A student with a background in computer science, or a related field.
  • A candidate experienced in Python and SQL.

Students with appropriate experience will be paid $15/hr and the total workload will be approximately 80-100 hours. Preferences will be given to students who can work at least two quarters. Interested students should email NNSI (​​) a resume highlighting any relevant class work, research, or work experience. Find more about NNSI here.

Applications must be received no later than October 15th at 5pm CST. Interviews will be in person or via phone starting the following week.