Nonprofit Capacity Instrument

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The Nonprofit Capacity Instrument is a free, confidential assessment backed by science. Nonprofit leaders, foundations, and consultants can use the instrument with confidence.

Foundation Resources


 Are you a funder who would like to use the Nonprofit Capacity Instrument for your grantees or as a part of your capacity building program? We’ve built a set of resources just for you. They include flyers to share, a powerpoint deck ready to use, and a FAQ that answers common questions from nonprofits.

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Backed By Evidence


In 2017, we published the Nonprofit Capacity Instrument in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. It’s a self-administered survey 45-item instrument that reliably measures.

We based the instrument on two studies that took all of the items from several existing capacity measures and subjected them to statistical scrutiny. The resulting Nonprofit Capacity Instrument is the only reliable and valid instrument available today.

The Elements of Nonprofit Capacity

Adaptive Capacity
Adaptive capacity 
Financial Management
Financial management
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning 
External Communication
External communication capacity 
Board Leadership
Board leadership
Operational Capacity pic
Operational capacity 
Mission Orientation
Mission orientation 
StaffManagement pic
Staff management 

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