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Sustained Collaboration

Key Lessons for Sustained Collaboration Funders

Through the Nurturing Nonprofit Collaborations report, philanthropic funders can learn about the importance of sustained collaboration, identify the features of a quality application, and hear success stories from organizations nationwide. Grantmakers can learn critical lessons about sustained collaboration from this report. Here are a few key takeaways.  The report is based on original research by NNSI founding director Michelle Shumate. After the original screening of 58 projects by Sustained Collaboration

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Research Insights

How Conveners Shape the Future of Collaborative Networks

Navigating modern social challenges, from educational disparities to environmental crises, requires innovative, collaborative strategies. Purpose-oriented networks have emerged as crucial platforms to unite diverse organizations to take collective action against these complex issues. Despite their growing importance, a significant knowledge gap persists around how these networks evolve and sustain their efforts amidst inevitable changes and challenges.  Enter the role of conveners—the linchpins of these collaborative networks. Conveners are the orchestrators

Sustained Collaboration

Nonprofit Organizations Increasingly Form Alliances to Achieve Social Impact Goals

In today’s landscape, the intricacy and scale of many social impact challenges demand innovative approaches beyond collaboration between two institutions. As a result, nonprofit organizations are exploring ways to build large-scale alliances and networks. By harnessing the power of multiple organizations, social impact leaders can pool resources and expertise to address systemic issues more effectively. The Sustained Collaboration Network’s (SCN) report Unlocking the Power of Sustained Collaboration, authored by NNSI’s

Sustained Collaboration

Arts Access Demonstrates the Value of Shared Project Collaboration

After witnessing mass layoffs of art reporters at the Dallas Morning News, Jennifer Altabef had an idea. It was 2020, and Altabef, a National Public Radio Affiliate KERA board member, wanted to develop a solution to fill the void of art coverage in Dallas. An enthusiastic supporter of the arts herself, Atlabef decided to introduce KERA President and CEO Nico Leone to DallasNews CEO Grant Moise.  KERA and The Dallas


#WickedProblemsinWellness: Financial Wellness in Systems of Care

“The first wealth is health.”  American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson stated this in 1860, and it continues to ring true today. But what exactly is the link between wealth and wellbeing? Health is considered one of the most critical pillars of everyday life, and finances are often regarded as equally essential. Traditionally, discussions around health primarily revolve around physical and mental wellbeing, often overlooking the profound impact of financial wellness

Sustained Collaboration

How Mergers and Asset Transfers Promote Sustained Collaboration Between Nonprofit Leaders

Collaboration can be a powerful tool for effecting meaningful change in nonprofit organizations. However, social impact leaders have become fatigued with mandates and incentives to collaborate without a clear purpose. After all, many joint ventures are unsuccessful, posing risks of resource waste and inefficiency while potentially eroding stakeholder trust and commitment. In hopes of changing this negative perception, the Sustained Collaboration Network (SCN) was launched in 2017 by nonprofit funders