Better Know a Network: Multi-Agency Alliance for Children

By Brett Mayfield In 1996, a group of six foster agencies joined together to try something different. In the wake of funding threats and a scarcity of resources, these providers united to continue pursuing their missions toward foster youth advocacy. Thus was the birth of the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC). Based in Atlanta, Georgia, MAAC arranges home options and coordinates additional services for over 1,000 foster care youth across … Read more

Better Know a Network: The evolution of the RE-AMP network

One World

In 2003, the Gaffield Foundation began an initiative for environmental advocacy by founding RE-AMP. Now a network of over 130 member organizations across the Midwest, RE-AMP has grown to contribute to multiple climate victories. Such achievements include blocking new coal power plants’ development in the Midwest, halting existing coal power plants’ operations, and even passing environmental legislation in multiple states. Today, the organization focuses on short and long-term campaign goals … Read more

Better Know a Network: AgeWell Pittsburgh

Senior adult and adult daughter

In the early 2000s, senior-care nonprofits in the Pittsburgh area faced one serious challenge: competing for shared resources. Recognizing this problem in 2004, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh partnered with three other organizations to apply for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) funding. These organizations were the Jewish Association on Aging, the Jewish Community Center of Pittsburgh, and Jewish Family and Community Services in Pittsburgh. Together, their partnership formed AgeWell … Read more

Better Know a Network: LawHelp New York Consortium

At the turn of the century, just as the Internet was becoming mainstream in the United States, five legal services organizations in New York came together to make the law more accessible to New Yorkers. These five collaborators were the City Bar Justice Center, the Legal Aid Society, Legal Services NYC, Pro Bono Net, and Volunteers of Legal Services. Together, they recognized how low-income and other vulnerable New Yorkers often … Read more

Better Know a Network: Summit Education Initiative

The Summit Education Initiative (SEI) began in 1996, when leaders of the community surrounding Akron, Ohio, came together to form the original framework of the network.  In 2006, around 50 community leaders met again to discuss the direction of SEI and its role in the community.  Since then, SEI has been leading the community’s commitment to supporting the success of children in Summit County.  Through intervention that helps to empower … Read more

Better Know a Network: Communities That Care Coalition


The Communities That Care Coalition (CTC) was founded in 2002 in Franklin County, Massachusetts, in response to strong community concern for youth substance use, which had surpassed national averages. The initiative began with funding from Channing Bete, a publishing company in South Deerfield that initially supported the Communities That CareTM model, and a local business located in Greenfield matched their financing. Currently, much of their funding comes from federal, state … Read more