The Future of Referral Data Metrics

Our last two blogs discussed the current state of referral metrics and the changes needed to optimize these metrics going forward. Now we will discuss the necessary data requirements for further improving the quality of care. While navigation systems track a breadth of data metrics, several untracked variables remain integral to the improvement of care. This blog advocates for three groups of outcome measures needed to assess the efficacy of … Read more

#SystemsofCare: What is cultural competence, and how can we use it to battle health inequality?

By Brett Mayfield Health disparities in the United States continue to be an area of focus for many nonprofits. In 2021, NNSI Founder and Director Michelle Shumate focused on this area herself, partnering with leading researchers from renowned medical institutions, namely NNSI’s neighbor organization Northwestern Medicine. Following research1-3 that found that Hispanic medical patients “receive disproportionately fewer living donor kidney transplants (LDKTs) than non-Hispanic Whites” (Gordon et al., 2021), these … Read more

Navigation Systems: An introduction to the four types of navigation design

As shown in our previous blog, “Understanding and navigating saturated referral landscapes,” the number of navigation systems is exploding. But, not all navigation systems are created equal. In this blog, we evaluate four common navigation designs and inspect the implications of each respective design. Recall from our last blog: Navigation systems are organizational arrangements designed to support individuals in locating and obtaining valuable benefits, programs, and services. These Navigation systems … Read more

Understanding and navigating saturated referral landscapes

Photo by Rishiraj Parmar from Pexels

Finding and accessing help can be daunting. Individuals in need must figure out where to start, who to ask for help from, and how to go about receiving that help. Navigation systems have recently been introduced as a solution to aid these individuals in overcoming these barriers. Navigation systems are organizational arrangements designed to support individuals in locating and obtaining valuable benefits, programs, and services. In other words, navigation systems … Read more

Interview: Insights from a Referral Technology Expert

In this last installment of NNSI’s #SystemsofCare series, we interviewed Yuri Cartier, a research associate at Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network at the University of San Francisco California, and an expert on referral technologies. Cartier’s research includes studying the dimensions of navigator systems and community referral technologies. Cartier has reviewed these technology platforms in her research and published reports on the implementation of these platforms. This interview can help … Read more

Interview: A Day in the Life of a Referral Navigation Specialist

In NNSI’s #SystemsofCare series on referral networks, we have described the different technologies that support inter-agency referrals and how organizations have implemented them. In this post, we look at the humans that make referral navigation happen. What do employees do at referral networks’ coordination centers?  In this article, we interview Hunter Russ, a navigation specialist with Veteran Services of the Carolinas. Veteran Services of the Carolinas (VSC) assists Veterans and … Read more