We are looking for collective impact partners to join Collective Impact Engagement: Outcomes from Stakeholders to Systems.  This project is unlike any other in that it explores outcomes of collective impact projects across the country; if you participate, you will receive detailed reports that summarize our findings for your site and compares those findings to those of approximately 30 other comparable sites. More about collective impact.

Who can participate?
This project is open to collective impact projects, with collective impact defined as partners that have a common agenda, use shared measurement, and have a coordinating organization. You are eligible to participate if your collective impact project:

  • Has an education-related goal (or goals),
  • Includes business, government, and nonprofit partners,
  • Has collected baseline data on your chosen metrics prior to the start of the study,
  • Includes an urban area (defined by the US Census as a commonly recognized place name having a population greater than 50,000),
  • Is the overarching network in your community (i.e., if you represent a collective impact project that is contained within a larger collective impact project, the larger collective impact project would qualify, but your smaller network would not).

How do we get involved?
We are submitting a proposal for national funding and are currently seeking letters of commitment from partners from collective impact initiatives that indicate that they meet these criteria and will participate in the study. Should you wish to participate, contact us at nnsi@northwestern.edu