News and Engagements

Upcoming Engagements

January 23, 2019 Webinar- Data Collaboration in Practice: How to Create a Data-Driven Culture
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November 2019 Papers presented at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Associations
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November 2019 Papers presented at National Communication Association, Baltimore MD

Measuring Elaboration Using Associative Network Change” Kaitlyn Margaret Childs, Northwestern University; Michelle Shumate, Northwestern University; Amy O’Connor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Meeting the challenge of effectiveness in nonprofit partnerships: Examining the roles of partner selection, trust, and communication” Yannick Atouba, University of Texas, El Paso; Michelle Shumate, Northwestern University

Paradox and process: Navigating tensions for network survival” Katherine R. Cooper, DePaul University

August 10-15, 2019 Academy of Management, Boston
May 24-28, 2019 International Communication Association, Washington DC

Institutionalized Practices in Under-Organized Domains: Corporate Social Responsibility in an Era of the Global Refugee Crisis – Rong Wang, Katherine Cooper, Michelle Shumate

Does the CSR Message Matter?: Untangling the Relationship Between Corporate-Nonprofit Partnerships, Created Fit Messages, and Activist Evaluations- Rey Maktoufi; Amy O’Connor; Michelle Shumate

May 14, 2019 Collective Impact Forum Convening, Chicago, IL

Using Data in Coalitions: Moving from Reporting to Learning – Michelle Shumate –


Past Engagements

April 2019 Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Social Network Analysis for Communication Research – Michelle Shumate

March 2019 The USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy’s symposium: Philanthropy & Social Change – Los Angeles

Plenary Panel – Networks, Philanthropy, & Social Impact – Michelle Shumate (see it here)

November 2018 Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Associations, Austin, Texas

The influence of network structure on nonprofit use of outcome data – Anne-Marie Boyer, Michelle Shumate, Rong Wang, Katherine Cooper –

Is collective impact the destination? A typology of interorganizational collaboration – Rong Wang, Katherine Cooper, Anne-Marie Boyer, Shaun Dougherty, Michelle Shumate

November 2018 National Communication Association Annual Conference, Salt Lake City

Why network type matters: A modified framework for theories of communication networks” Andrew Pilny, Michelle Shumate, Yannick Atouba Ada, Katherine R. Cooper

September 2018 Department of Organizational Studies Colloquium Series, Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands.

Networks for Social Impact: Organizational, Network, and Community Outcomes – Michelle Shumate


August 2018 Academy of Management, Chicago.

Stakeholder Capital Mobilization and Corporate Social Responsibility – Rong Wang, Amy O’Connor, Michelle Shumate.

June 2018 International Network for Social Network Analysis, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Planned vs. Emergent Networks as Strategies for Collective Action – Rong Wang, Katherine Cooper, Michelle Shumate.

June 2018 Cross-Sector Social Interactions Bi-Annual Conference, Copenhagen Business School

Predicting Community Adoption of Collective Impact in the United States: A national scan – Anne Marie Singh, Katherine Cooper, Rong Wang, Shaun Dougherty, Michelle Shumate.

April 2018 Ready by 21 Annual Meeting, Florida

Using data in coalitions: Moving from reporting to learning. Michelle Shumate and Katherine Cooper