In this Bill & Melinda Gates-funded project, we examine how health innovations scale-up across organizational boundaries. Sophia Fu, Noshir Contractor, and Michelle Shumate collaborated on this project. We surveyed 9,119 government healthcare workers across 1,849 state health agencies in Bihar, India. We found that organizational decision-makers consider different things than non-decision makers when evaluating an innovation. Organizational decision-makers are influenced by members of their advice network (i.e., the group of people they ask for advice). Those advisors typically work for other organizations. In contrast, non-decision makers use many more sources of information to evaluate an innovation. They are primarily concerned about what others in their organization think and how much those people agree with one another about the innovation. The paper describing these findings received the top paper award from the Organizational Communication division at the International Communication Association in 2017 and is currently under review at a journal.