The Network for Nonprofit and Social Impact is dedicated to investigating how organizations can work together to achieve social impact. Our unique research approach emphasizes collaborative efforts and network structures that include nonprofit organizations and their many organizational and community partners.

NNSI takes on a limited number of contract research or consulting projects, and we’d love to hear from you if your network is doing something special – or if you’re looking for help in building collaboration in your community.

Areas of work:
NNSI offers contract research or consulting services in the following areas:

  • Network creation
    Want to create a network for social change? Interested in building collaborative efforts in your community? NNSI can help by providing guidance in terms of creating an environment conducive to collaboration, identifying and convening relevant stakeholders, and creating a plan of work for your network. This service is best suited to networks in very early stages.
  • Network facilitation
    So you have a network of organizational and community partners and some idea of what you would like to do – where do you go from here? The NNSI team has experience in convening and running community meetings and can help your community facilitate conversations about network goals and work plans. This service is best suited to networks in very early stages.
  • Network process evaluation
    Your network is up and running in pursuit of a shared goal – are you making progress towards that goal? How do you keep stakeholders involved? How do adapt to changes in your network? NNSI can partner with you to determine whether the process is working for your network. This service is suited to networks in any stage.

Have another network project you’re excited about? Tell us more!

NNSI researchers have worked with networks and conducted research in the following areas:

  • Environmental issues
  • Gender-based violence
  • Education
  • Social services
  • Cradle to career/collective impact initiatives
  • Faith-based partnerships

Send an e-mail to Michelle Shumate ( to start a conversation about how our organizations might work together.