NNSI Research Associates ($5000 in research support)

The NNSI Research Associates are a cross-disciplinary, research-based community of scholars dedicated to the study of interorganizational network activity in response to social problems. The goals of the NNSI Research Associates programs are:

  • To encourage innovative solutions to wide-reaching social problems
  • To scale up nonprofit research
  • To disseminate related research among scholars and practitioners

 Who can apply: We are actively seeking to collaborate with and support academic researchers, including graduate students, post-docs, and academic faculty, in new projects of interest. Research should be related to NNSI core themes, including, but not limited to:

  • Nonprofit and cross-sector networks
  • Coalition building in response to social problems.
  • Program implementation and outcome evaluation in the social sector.

Expectations. NNSI research associates are expected to present at least one lecture at a speaker event and contribute one working paper to an upcoming NNSI working paper series.

Awards. Awards are distributed on a reimbursement basis following NU policies on documentation and records. If there are major outlays (such as for international flights), arrangements can be made for NNSI to pay these directly.

Deadline: Applications are due September 1, 2017.  Term:  ½ year or full year; 2 associates per year and all can be external (non-Northwestern). Applicants should submit a cover letter (not more than 2 pages) describing a possible project of interest and attach a current CV.