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Research Insights

How Conveners Shape the Future of Collaborative Networks

Navigating modern social challenges, from educational disparities to environmental crises, requires innovative, collaborative strategies. Purpose-oriented networks have emerged as crucial platforms to unite diverse organizations to take collective action against these complex issues. Despite their growing importance, a significant knowledge gap persists around how these networks evolve and sustain their efforts amidst inevitable changes and challenges.  Enter the role of conveners—the linchpins of these collaborative networks. Conveners are the orchestrators


Addressing Veterans’ Needs through Sequencing Care

Veterans transitioning to civilian life encounter a complex web of challenges, and the fragmented system of care often leaves them underserved and overwhelmed in the process of attempting to receive support. New research from NNSI finds that a holistic approach to addressing veterans’ needs is imperative. But most veteran serving organizations operate in silos, without the needed coordination to address everyday co-occurring needs.  A new report from the Network for

High-Impact Certification

It Matters How You Do It: NNSI’s High-Impact Networks Campaign

Today’s nonprofit landscape is full of social impact networks– but not all of them are effective. Even if a network is making a difference in their community, there is always room for growth. In a landscape saturated with networks addressing a plethora of wicked problems, communities want to see impacts that are beneficial and substantive. When a network engages in high-impact practices, their operations thrive. High-impact networks have strong theories