Virtual Event Technologies During the Pandemic

By Kate Zilke and Sahiba Borisuth   As the world marks the first anniversary of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit organizations are looking back on how they’ve managed to adapt their in-person events to virtual settings. Hosting events is crucial to an organization’s fulfillment of its strategic goals. Organizations have faced the critical challenge of shifting their in-person events to virtual platforms supporting their programming and providing an … Read more

Technology for Fundraising During COVID-19


By Kate Zilke and Brett Mayfield   The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on organizations, with the nonprofit sector scrambling for funding as major donors and foundations take more economically conservative measures for their survival. Without their usually reliable funding, nonprofits have had to get creative to maintain the necessary financial capacity for their campaigns and programs. By adopting and adapting new technologies to their fundraising strategies, nonprofits … Read more

Technology for Collaborating with Other Organizations


By Kate Zilke and Brett Mayfield   The COVID-19 pandemic has made for a year of adjustments in almost every aspect of our lives to protect the health of our communities––including the ways we collaborate to make a social impact. From virtual staff meetings to working from our laptops, nonprofits have needed to implement a lot of technology to continue reaching their goals. After an entire year, what technologies have … Read more

How do boards of directors influence nonprofit capacity?

By Brett Mayfield   Nonprofit boards are a governing body of individuals responsible for the organizations’ affairs and conduct (Herman & Renz, 2000). While board members play a vital role in nonprofit management, little research exists about these individuals’ active roles in collaboration with other organizations. With little discussion about what board members bring to the table, leaders may not know what is valuable to look for in new members … Read more

Nonprofit Capacity: A guide for foundations

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Foundations, technical assistance organizations, and government programs often claim to promote nonprofit capacity. But, many times, it’s not clear what they mean.  Merriam Webster defines capacity as “the facility or power to produce, perform, or deploy.” Nonprofit capacity is the facility of nonprofits to produce, perform, or deploy their resources. It’s not the same as effectiveness. Instead, it describes the ability of a nonprofit to accomplish its organizational goals and … Read more