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  • by: Michelle Shumate As nonprofits consider partnering with businesses in a variety of ways, including sponsorships, cause-marketing, or more integrative arrangements, two important questions emerge. First, which businesses should they partner with? Second, how many business partnerships do most nonprofits maintain and talk about? In other words, how many is too many? Shumate, Hsieh and O’Connor examine these questions in their 2016 study of 122 of the largest, most recognizable
  • Congratulations to Michelle Shumate and Sophia Fu, recipients of a School of Communication Innovations grant for their upcoming project, The Impact of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) on Interorganizational Collaboration. NNSI will begin data collection in the summer of 2015.
  • We are looking for collective impact partners to join Collective Impact Engagement: Outcomes from Stakeholders to Systems.  This project is unlike any other in that it explores outcomes of collective impact projects across the country; if you participate, you will receive detailed reports that summarize our findings for your site and compares those findings to those of approximately 30 other comparable sites. Who can participate? This project is open to
  • Conference Board Webcast features Professors Amy O’Connor and Michelle Shumate’s research The Conference Board’s webcast will occur on April 22nd at 12 noon EST. Learn more.